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2018 Transport Sci-Tech Expo covers an area of 30,000 square meters. It will contain two major exhibition areas, namely the infrastructure exhibition area & the travel service exhibition area. 

Various opportunities for sponsorship and exhibition are available for the companies to showcase state-of-the-art technologies, products, materials, equipment and solutions. 

the Infrastructure Exhibition Area

This area shows the latest technology in the world in the field of transportation and engineering, especially typical highway, high-speed railway, airport pavement, ports, terminal facilities, bridges, tunnels, as well as transportation equipment and technological achievements.

There are about 200 Representative exhibits. For example,

Tunnel and Underground Works Exhibition Area

Traffic Information Exhibition Area

Transportation Emergency Rescue Technology and Equipment

Institutions and Scientific Research Institutions Exhibition Area

the Travel Service Exhibition Area

This area focus on the development and solutions of economic and public transport services in the economic and social sectors, especially information technology, intelligent technology, low carbon environmental protection, sustainable development pattern and shared economic model in dealing with public transport, urban transportation and regional development.

There are about 200 Representative exhibits. For example,

City and Intercity Traffic System Exhibition Area

Big data and simulation experience Exhibition Area

Driver-less Technology Exhibition Area

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Exhibition Area

Recreational Vehicle and Outdoor Equipment Exhibition Area

New Energy and Composite Materials Exhibition Area

ExhibitionInterior Net Area (at least 18)1500 RMB/㎡
Outdoor net area (at least 10㎡)20000 RMB

Each 25800 RMB for One Period

Technology SeminarSeminar40000 RMB/30 MINS
Cover56800 RMB
Inside Front Cover38800 RMB
Inside Back Cover33800 RMB
Expo Proceeding AdvertisementsBack Cover46800 RMB
Enterprise Profile(About 500 words)2500 RMB
Preceding Page18800 RMB
Back Page18800 RMB
Online AdvertisingWeb Icon5000 RMB/3 Months

For further information, please contact Ms. Guan Nina or Mr. Bai Wenke.








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